You’re beautiful as you are!


Haloo there! well, this is my veeery first post. Actually, I made this blog for the requirement of one of my subjects. But, I think it’s good to have a blog where I can share experiences and ideas with you guys! Sounds interesting, right? Hmm, I hope you will enjoy my writings and if you are interested, we can be friends 🙂

In this first post, I’m gonna share a very comman thing, but absolutely very important. It’s about loving yourself. As human being, we tend to have something more and more. We even frequently pretend to be someone else. I am telling you right now. Just love your self as you are. You are precious and unique.

Well, I have a life story. I have been suffered with acne since I was in Junior High School. Can you imagine it? I am in the last year of my college right now and I still have those acnes. I am 21 years old guys. But I am thankful for something. At least those acne can be considered as my most loyal bestfriend. Because they never leave me even for one day!


That picture was taken when I was in the first grade of Junior High School. You can see my face covered with acne. I really hate those acne. Sometimes, I hate my self too :(. It’s hard for me to love my self as I am. But as time went by, I started to accept my self as I am. I realised that I was not the one who suffered with acne. Now, I love my self. Besides, I also try to take care of my face for it’s extremely sensitive. Now, my face is much better than before. Surprisingly, sometimes I feel like I lose something important if those acne don’t exist on my face 😉


This is my latest picture. I look different, rigth? Time changes everything indeed. So, what’s the lesson for today? Love your self! ❤